Cataract – cataract

It is one of the most common eye diseases in the elderly (the so-called senile cataract). It is a loss of clarity of the eye lens. It is manifested by a decrease in visual acuity, blurred vision, a change in eye diopters, a change in color perception, and glare. About a third of people over 60 have cataracts in at least one eye, and the incidence increases with age.

What is the treatment of cataract

The only option for the treatment of cataract is surgery, which is thanks to the latest equipment and experience of the surgeon painless and fast (the procedure itself takes about 10-15 minutes). In Slovakia, approximately 45,000 cataract operations are performed annually. It is the most common, safest and most successful operation on the human body. In the operation, the cloudy lens is removed from the eye and replaced with an artificial lens. The operation is performed under local anesthetic anesthetic drops. In our eye center, we perform this operation with the most modern and safest phacoemulsification device of today – CENTURION VISION SYSTEM, which divides the lens into small parts and sucks them. A new, clear, artificial lens is then implanted into the eye. This technique has the advantage of being able to perform the entire operation with a small incision (2.2mm), which reduces the number of postoperative complications, speeds up vision recovery and shortens the length of the procedure. Vision resumes very quickly after surgery. The patient usually has good vision the next day after surgery. In some cases, the vision may become temporarily obscured after surgery, clearing within a few days. The stabilization of vision usually occurs 4 weeks after surgery. After this time, it is possible to prescribe new glasses (in patients who have not been implanted with a multifocal lens during surgery to see at all distances without glasses).

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